Saturday, April 4, 2009

Sunday, March 29

I've used the last week to do some things out of town that I have been planning to do.
Last Sunday was a gorgeous day. David was racing in the morning. I thought about calling Emily to join me but decided not to be a bad influence on her. (She has papers and projects due.)  I drove out toward and beyond Johnson City, very pretty terrain and apparently successful grape growing region. Texas has lots going on; but abundance of vineyards is a very obvious attraction. I visited 3 small Vineyards on Sunday afternoon. There were lots of other folks doing the same thing. The last and most commercial vineyard that I stopped at was Becker Vineyards. They have several award winning wines and much acclaim in local and national periodicals. (they also have a lavender farm, lovely!)
Enjoy some photos from the day.

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