Sunday, March 29, 2009

Other people are working hard!

I would be remiss if I did not mention that while I am enjoying this great adventure, 2 people near and dear to me are working their butts off. 
First Emily is finishing the last of her course work for her Master's (Licensed school psychologist), working many hours a week in a school district in addition to course load, accepted for a summer internship in Ecuador and interviewing for internships for next school year. Makes me tired just to think about it.
Sara has a few more weeks to finish up her courses and her senior thesis, is attending the urban planning convention in Minneapolis, and completed the arduous process of applying to the Peace Corp.
I know these ladies will be happy for mid May, but panic because it is approaching so quickly and the uncertainty that accompanies the waiting. Hang in there, everyone who knows you respects you so much, even though we can't quite comprehend the pressure. Love, Marilyn aka Mom , bluemazda6

Alan and David are both working hard at their jobs and supporting me emotionally and financially also. Big thanks for their love and caring.

Belterra Wooly Mammoth Race

There would be photos here of Danielle Staskal Wikoff (Austin Flyers) on the Women's podium and David Wenger (Super Squadra) on the Men's podium but my fancy dig SLR does not alert you to the error of NO MEMORY CARD.  Crap, I feel stupid! Anyway it was a very hard, hilly course and very spectator friendly. Nice to have Phil's mom in town. We have good boys.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Texas Time

OK, I admit it; I like it all.
Now I have the perfect western shirt!

The Driveway, Thursday nights in Austin
On Thursday nights we head to the east side for a night of socializing and racing at The Driveway ( a closed car testing track.)


I see I've picked up a few new followers
(and a few people who read but are not followers)
Thanks for taking the time to look at my blog.
More to come!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009


I don't know how to make sense of SXSW 
but I didn't buy a pass.
Every show I saw was FREE
and there was so much more!
Just pick a street and walk or hang out in someone's back yard!

Real Estate

Adam Walker, Beyond the Move Realty
I saw several duplex properties.
These 2 are promising.
Not what I'd live in in Ohio, but nice owner/occupant and  income possibility.
Need to do some homework.

South Congress SXSW

Golf cart converted to Batmobile
Security resting on my bicycle while he eats his lunch.
I guess my bike is well-guarded.

Everyone gets in on the SXSW action.
These young ladies played their violins and then sang verses of "Yellow Rose of Texas"
Definitely threw a dollar in their violin case.

Waco Brothers, Yard Dog, SXSW, nuff said.

Free Beer, Free Music at Yard Dog
This was Rolling Rock Day.
Great couple from Tampa, Michelle and David, in the awesome black Western shirts.
Jon Langford of the Waco Brothers and me;)

Alt rocker Freedy Johnston at Yard Dog
Great show, families rockin'out.
The best musicians and they pack up their own gear.

SXSW Auditorium Shores

People watching, not music is the name of the game at Auditorium Shores.
My new friends, moved here from Tampa 3 months ago.
Cute couple, really.

Amazing energy; country meets punk with the Waco Brothers, Bloodshot records
Yard Dog

More of SXSW culture
1962 Chevrolet Station Wagon
(learned to drive in a '63 wagon, yeah!)
One of many perfect So. Austin bungalows.
Matt, Megan, Emily, Dave enjoying spring break at Yard Dog.
Cement donkey, will it fit in Blue Mazda 6?
Need to bring this baby up to date.
More coming today.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Even though I am not nearly 100; I am beginning to agree with Georgia O'keeffe, character is most important.

More Yard Dog SXSW

Another fun, energetic band, this time from Denmark. Next stop NYC.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Arrived home just after dark, new blinking light for dusk.
I know I'm a mess; small price to pay for day of fun.

It's a block party for all ages.

Love these Norwegian girls playing SXSW!
They rotate instruments throughout the show.

St Paddy's Day

Opal Devine's Pennfield; music all day.  1) Green mohawk, lead singer of the Black Irish  2)Family friendly  3) Silver Thistle  4) Random Steeler Fan whose parents sent him the hat. (Note to self, hats available in the strip, sold out by Feb)